Kim Veras

Brecksville City Council

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Kim Veras City Council

Re-Elect Kim Veras : Brecksville City Council

“ It is an honor to serve my community and I am and will continue to be responsive to your needs, questions and concerns.”

Kim Veras

As a member of Council, my priorities are:

Fiscal responsibility:

  • Small government
  • Controlled budget
  • No property tax increases
  • Maintaining award-winning financial planning


  • Maintaining the highest bond rating for a city of our size
  • Making all dollars count

Improving quality of life:

  • Continued expansion of human services and programs for those with special needs
  • Continued expansion of wellness and health programs
  • Continued expansion of our recreational programs for all ages


  • Continue to maintain the distinction as one of the safest communities
  • Continue to update fire, service and police equipment to serve the public at the highest level of service

Planning and Zoning:

  • Strict adherence to zoning, continued outstanding economic development program which has replaced funds lost through reduced state and federal dollars


  • I will continue to act on your behalf, and encourage dialogue between the residents and city government. I have been, and will be responsive.